Sad…but i’ll live

My boyfriend left yesterday… he is going on a short little biz trip (10 days).  We have never been apart for more than a week and I don’t like how it feels.  Maybe I am too attached, but I miss him already.  He just laughs at me and says “its only been 10 hrs”. 😦  I guess he is right in a way…but I can’t help it.  we are literally together all the time, except at work.

I have read that it is healthy to have your own time, but I feel like if you loved me you wouldn’t want to be away,.  We have been together for almost 2 years.,  Is this what happens when you get comfy.

Day after day……………………….(there are curse words)

Too many times I am bored… bored with work, life and plain ole’ everything.  I wonder if it is me or if it is because I am stuck in contract job that I cannot get out of for another 4 years!  I have been doing the same damn job for 16 years and I need a change.  I have good days and I have bad days.  Today seems like a bad day.  I look at everything, just to try and find a different facet to the job I am currently in, but I am never so lucky….bleh

I am always so irritated on the inside, but I need to put on a front in order to maintain good order.  Sometimes it wants to boil over.  People are not meant to keep shit bottled up.  I thought maybe blogging would be a good outlet for me, its kind of like a diary! I get to bitch and complain (I type really fast) right here..  Hopefully I don’t get too many followers, because who the feck wants to read about someones boring ass life.